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We are Clik. We’re smart, we’re astute. We’re an uncompromising but friendly design agency in leafy Bournville, South Birmingham.


We create.


Branding, advertising, marketing. On-line or in print, we create it all.

We create for big clients. Small clients. Well-known companies and little, local businesses. We create for our own clients, and for those of the most influential agencies in the UK. We create for established brands and new start-ups; with solutions that look great, and which actually give the results our clients need.


We’re clever, we’re quick, we’re full of surprises. We’re on-trend but know it’s just as important to be on-brief, on-budget, on time and on your wavelength.


Whatever you do, whatever you need, give us a call and see if we can create something with you.

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CLIK - we create

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Clik Creations Ltd

76 Linden Road, Bournville,

Birmingham B30 1LA

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0121 212 1612

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Clik is the trading name of Clik Creations Ltd.

Registered in England and Wales No. 7190878


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